Why Responsive Websites Are Important

A responsive website adapts to the screen it’s being accessed on no matter the size of the device. The website will reformat itself automatically to deliver an experience that’s perfect for the device they’re using. If you are thinking of the costs of a responsive website, we can help. As a leading affordable web design agency in Warrington, we can build a responsive website for just £40 per month + VAT for 12 months. Still not convinced? Read on to find out more.

Improve Your SEO Rankings

Google has a separate algorithm for mobile search that places a huge emphasis on mobile friendliness. So even if your website ranks on the top of the SERPs via a desktop search, that does not mean you will have the same ranking in mobile search results.

If your website is not mobile responsive, it may not rank on the top of the SERPs for searches carried out on mobile devices. So consider hiring an affordable web design agency in Warrington at the earliest.

Steady Rise in Mobile Usage

You don’t have to look up the stats to realise this fact. Just look around yourself no matter where you are right this moment. Just visit any cafe, restaurant or just hop out on the street right now. You will see almost everyone wielding a mobile device and perhaps busily engaged with their device.

Let’s take a look at some statistics to set the context:

  • Over 20% of searches carried on Google are performed on mobile devices
  • More than half of local searches are carried out on mobile devices
  • More than 33% of people access Internet on their smartphone
  • People spend around 120 minutes a day online via their smartphone compared to 75 minutes on laptops

Better User Experience

A responsive website is optimised for delivering the best user experience. And Google loves websites that offer a good user experience.

If your website is not mobile friendly, you’ll have to pinch the screen to zoom and be able to read the content. The navigation may not be friendly either. Will you do business with such a company?

Consider the plight of your visitors. How likely are they to do business with you if that’s the kind of experience they’re having with your website?

In Conclusion

A responsive website delivers all these and many more benefits. What’s more, it’s no longer an option. It’s the only way forward. Moreover, a responsive web design does not cost more, especially if you choose the right agency. With the right affordable web design agency in Warrington, you can get a stunning website in your budget. Talk to us today for a free consultation and quote.

Written and Published by Blue Whale Media.