Why Do I Need A Web Designer?

Whether you are building a new website or are thinking of a redesign, it always helps to have a professional by your side. So why should you hire a web designer instead of building it yourself using website builders such as Wix or Weebly? If you thought hiring a web designer is an expensive option, think again. As Warrington’s leading agency, we offer cheap web design packages exclusively for small businesses. Our websites cost you as low as £40 per month + VAT for 12 months.

Yes, that’s right. Instead of paying a lump sum, you can now pay your web design fees over equally distributed monthly installments. Isn’t that a sweet deal?!

So why do you need a web designer? Here’s why.

Custom Design

If you do not have any experience in web design or do not know much about colour schemes, layouts and the aesthetics of a good website, even the best website builders won’t be of any use. Moreover, website builders have a limited number of templates to work from. It takes a lot of time, effort and skill to build a website that’s personalised to your requirements and brand identity. That is something your Warrington cheap web design agency can do for you effortlessly. Talk to us today.

Complete Solution

A web design agency has a team of professionals. They have web designers, coders, SEO specialists and copywriters all under the same roof. They work together to build a cohesive website that works for you and your goals. So whether you need website content or an affordable SEO package, your Warrington cheap web design agency will have you covered.

Unique Website

When you are using a website builder, you are essentially working from templates. This means that there are high chances that your website will look a lot like a million other websites already floating on the Internet. When you need a unique website, you need a professional web designer.


A website built by a professional web design agency is completely scalable. So in the event that your business grows in future, or there’s a change in your product line, the website can be modified to suit your new requirements. With a template website, this can be a bit difficult to work out.

In Conclusion

So there you go. Those are four important reasons why you need a web designer. If you are thinking of building a website yourself just to save money, think again. You can get a professional website at affordable prices these days. You just need to look for the right agency. Blue Whale Media can help. Talk to us today.