3 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

If you believe your website is about you and your business, think again. People visit your website not just to know about you. They want to determine if they want to work with you. And the only way to getting around to that is by providing the best possible user experience on your site without causing much disruption.

As Warrington’s most affordable web design agency, we build websites that offer the best user experience. Websites that don’t frustrate visitors! Websites that ensure visitors find what they’re after easily and quickly! Let’s take a look at some of the things that your website may be doing that’s, in fact, driving visitors away instead of converting them.

Takes Time to Load

Your website’s load time is the very first thing that will create an impression about your brand. Your visitors expect your website to load quickly. If it takes any longer than 3 seconds, chances are that your visitors may abandon your website. If it takes longer than 6 seconds, the chances of your visitors abandoning your site are way too high.

If your website was built quite a few years ago, it’s best to invest in a redesign rather than tinkering with it. As Warrington’s most affordable web design agency, we could help with your redesign. Talk to us today. 

Not Mobile Friendly

A website is a website, right? So what does it matter if it’s not mobile friendly?

Well, it does! With more than 25% people relying solely on their mobile for their online searches, it makes a huge difference to your business.

If your site’s not mobile friendly, you are losing potential customers.

A responsive website adapts to the size of the device it’s used on to deliver the best possible user experience. Invest in a responsive website right away. If you are looking for a Warrington based affordable web design agency, talk to us today.

Bad Navigation

Your visitors should be able to navigate your website easily. If they have trouble finding the information they’re looking for, it means there’s trouble with your navigation. Poor navigation is a strict no-no when you want to impress your visitors and deliver the best user experience.

Conversions happen only when you lead them to the right page. Make use of clear and precise calls to action to drive action. Make sure the content is structured properly. Be sure to use categories that will make it easy for your visitors to find the information they require.

In Conclusion

Those are but three ways your website’s driving customers away. There could be many others including poor quality content, ugly design, rotating header banners and more. Contact Blue Whale Media today for high quality websites at the most affordable prices in all of Warrington.